Largo Dining Spotlight: Sushi Spot and Noodle World


For some people, sushi is simply a way of life that absolutely must exist in a person's diet at least once in a while. For others, the idea of consuming raw fish may be a scary sounding experience. Fortunately for you, no matter which side you're on, Sushi Spot and Noodle World is one Largo dining spot that can accommodate experienced and amateur sushi … [Read more...]

3 Tips for Organizing Your Cleaning Supplies at Clairmont

cleaning supplies

It seems ironic your cleaning supplies should get disorganized, but in reality, that's what often seems to happen. But, if you want to keep your Largo apartment neat and clean right down to the cleaning cupboard where you store the mops, disinfecting sprays and rags, here's three tips for organizing your cleaning supplies: Get your rags organized. Go … [Read more...]

Celebrate a Largo Cinco de Mayo at Nearby Tijuana Flats

tijuana flats

You can find tons of ways to celebrate 2014 Largo Cinco de Mayo, but one great place is located less than a mile from our own community. Tijuana Flats is a place that has a very unique history, and its growth shows that it may be one of the best places to help you enjoy this Latin holiday! This is one place where good food and great times meet community … [Read more...]

Clairmont on the Green Nestled Near East Bay Country Club


With the East Bay Country Club so close to our apartments in Largo, if you enjoy hitting the links you don't need to go far to enjoy some time outdoors. It'll take you longer to lace up your golf shoes than it will to get to the country club! Located less than a mile away from our luxury Clairmont on the Green apartments, it's hard to argue that golfing … [Read more...]

April Means Free Friday Night Movies at Pioneer Park


Friday nights are always the big wild card. What can you do that won't necessarily break the bank but still will be a fun way to spend the evening? There's a handful of free things to do near Largo, and with the free Friday night movies at Pioneer Park you won't have to go far to have a great time. The movies start right at dark, so make sure you get there … [Read more...]

Doubled Pillows Add Extra Seating for Unexpected Guests

floor cushions

Our apartments in Largo are the perfect location for entertaining. However, sometimes it seems that you simply cannot have enough comfortable seating for everyone no matter how many chairs you get. Enter the perfect solution: floor pillows for seating! Many cultures sit on cushions low to the ground, and you can embrace this option as well. Floor … [Read more...]

Bedroom Update: Solid Coverlets Make Perfect Spring Decor


Photo: Pure Bliss Creative Design via Houzz Spring has finally arrived and that has many of the residents of our apartments in Largo searching for ways to give a new look to their rooms. If you bedroom decor is a bit too chaotic for a restful night's sleep. You can tame it while providing yourself with just the right amount of coverage on your bed with … [Read more...]

Old Made New: Plenty of Uses for Your Old Dart Board


Those of us striving to live a greener lifestyle need to start learning how to look and things differently, imagining new uses for old things. If you have an old dart board taking up space in our Largo apartments, don't trash it, look at these ways to turn an old dart board into something new. Jewelry/fashion accessory holder - with almost no work at … [Read more...]

Enjoy Newly Redesigned Interiors at Clairmont on the Green


If you're looking for the best apartments in Largo, why not check out the renovated interiors at our Clairmont on the Green apartment community. We're proud to offer members of our happy community the opportunity for relaxed, stress-free lifestyles in homes that reflect their innate desire for a comfortable life, with all necessary requirements … [Read more...]

Celebrate Spring at Nearby Indian Rocks Beach


Even though our winter season has not been plagued by the problems seen by so much of the country this year, the onset of spring is still cause for celebration. If you are looking for a great place close to our Clairmont on the Green apartment community, to get out and enjoy spring, check out Indian Rocks Beach. Located just minutes from our apartments … [Read more...]